Alistiqama Ltd. is a successful trading house with extensive experience that is
supplemented by reliable supply sources and a trustworthy customer base to meet the
challenge of the current business contests.
Backed by a wealth of experience within the
specialized machinery market, we pride ourselves in our forward thinking and
commitment to invest in the continuous product development of our product range.
Our experience has provided our many customers with the assurance that they are
purchasing a high quality, reliable, and durable product that offers maximum productivity
with low maintenance requirements. Alistiqama has been registered on several systems
such a SAM, WAWF, JCCS as well as KBR.

Our Company Vision & Mission
Client value creation: our biggest priority as a national general trading company is to bring forth value to our clients in terms of negotiation, product quality, and pricing. Trust: Alistiqama believes that trustworthiness and transparency are fundamental elements in retaining and creating successful business relationships. We share the desire to maximize human potential to achieve personal dreams. High ethical and moral standards: we believe that ethical and moral communication is essential to corporate development and strength. Innovation: responding innovatively to difficult solutions is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our competitor cannot match the friendly service close to the friendly service and flexibility we offer to our customers and this has been our key to success.
 „Our passion and services can satisfy your ultimate desires as this is where your search ends“
We believe that the success of our company depends on our ability to work with a diverse group of certified suppliers to deliver unique insights into developing markets,
improve our supply chain, build a loyal customer base, and create wealth in the communities where we do business.
With the growth and boom of the construction industry and infrastructure development in the Kurdistan region and Iraq,
we have been involved in supply and base life support to private and public sectors, as well as Multi National Forces –Iraq (MNF-I) throughout Iraq.