Our engineering services include the design and construction of infrastructure, such as roads, plants for electricity generation, water purification, wastewater treatment, and waste recycling. We build workshops and fuel facilities and install telecommunication towers and force-protection features. We provide integrated services to construct temporary and permanent facilities and civil
engineering solutions in remote areas. Temporary camp options include tents, containerized accommodations, and prefab construction. Alistiqama has the capability, resources, and experience to provide comprehensive turnkey environmental services. We also build permanent accommodation facilities, medical centers, administration buildings, heliports, parking structures, workshops, warehouses, and kitchen and dining facilities. We provide combined operations and maintenance solutions for remote operations, camps, and facilities, managing all internal and external building services. Our catering services include the provision and management of kitchen and dining facilities, meal production, and service. We source and procure food locally and prepare nutritious hot and cold meals up to the five-star standard. Our varied menus are created according to your specifications and always meet cultural requirements. Mining Services
At Alistiqama, we’re committed to developing tomorrow’s technologies and solving today’s challenges together with our customers. Alistiqama is the national leader in commercial explosives and blasting systems, delivering solutions to meet our customer’s needs across the surface and underground mining, civil tunneling, quarrying, construction, and oil and gas markets. Alistiqama has become recognized as KRG’s leading visionary in high-tech explosives technology with improved safety and user- friendly, cost-effective products.
Our national technical services network of engineers, blasting technicians, and product support specialists work to improve the efficiency, productivity, and safety for our customers’ operations. In addition, we provide effective blasting development programs, technical support, and training that have contributed to increased performance and profitability for a number of major clients.
Alistiqama provides a nationwide service that guarantees prompt delivery and meets all types of blasting requirements. Alistiqama prides itself as a reliable explosives industry

supplier and problem solver. Blasting is an essential step in extracting the minerals required to meet the world’s demand for power, infrastructure, and consumer goods. One of our international clients, Lafarge, uses MPS products to achieve safety goals and improve operational efficiency. The company uses tested technology, which is proven for performance, reliability, and

safety. At the same time, we also develop new, innovative products and production techniques through in-house research and development to deliver products of international quality.
The company and its top management are committed to implement effective safety, operations, and work environment parameters to ensure a safe working environment .Alistiqama remains a leader in these industries and is playing its part to build a sustainable future. Alistiqama is the exclusive agent of Yavascalar AS and specializes in the manufacture of civil explosives such a manufactures bulk and packaged emulsions, ANFO, and specialty products such as butt buster, an innovative perimeter control explosive. We also provide a complete line of initiation systems including electric, non-electric andelectronic detonators, boosters, lead wire, and detonating cord. The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of industrial explosives. Its explosives and
accessories products include emulsion and slurry explosives, low density (LD) cartridge explosives, bulk explosives, small-dia non-permitted explosives, permitted explosives, cast boosters, pillow-packs for secondary blasting, detonating fuse of various core-loads, plain detonators, instantaneous electric detonators, electric delay detonators, permitted detonators, cord relays, and amardet non-electric shock-tube detonators. Transportation Our vision is to be an integrated transportation company with the goal of serving the